David Daye - Owner of Daye Well Drilling

A Family-Owned Local Business since 1913

Daye Well Drilling is a four-generation family-owned business started by Bill Daye in 1913. Bill was succeeded by his son Hillis Daye.

In 1972, his son Donald and his wife Sandra took over and ran the company for nearly 40 years.

In 2005, their sons Mark and David took over the company, and David continues to run it today.

Are you building a new home or business and need water now?

Daye Well Drilling will bring the rig, set up, and drill for water. It’s that simple.

We are a water well drilling company, specializing in domestic wells for residential homes. We also do geothermal drilling and complete pump installations.

Our family has been serving southern New Brunswick since 1913. We complete most wells in one or two days.

Daye Well Drilling Trucks

Do you need a good source of water?

Daye Well Drilling installs complete new home pump systems, as well as upgrades to older, existing systems.

From submersible pumps, pressure tanks, UV systems, and water filter units, we can look after all your residential well water needs.

Our submersible pumps and pressure tanks carry a 5-year warranty.

Do you have a well head below grade?

We do well extensions to bring it above grade to eliminate the chances of surface water entering the well, also allowing easy access to the well for maintenance and repair.

Well chlorination is also available upon request.

Daye Well Drilling Truck and Van
Daye Well Drilling Van

Whatever your water problems are, we can fix them! We have a great reputation for customer satisfaction. We are committed to good customer service and support.

We maintain and support honesty and integrity within the business, and we will make sure the best job is done every time. Just call if you need assistance or installation help. We have a fully equipped and professional staff ready to help you!

We cut no corners and assure you a thorough and complete job every time.

With decades of experience, Daye Well Drilling has gained a reputation from word-of-mouth recommendations, and our name is well-known.

We are a historical business and that lends itself to trust. If you need water, we will get it for you. Call or email us today!